From special farms to stately villa
Buitenleven Vakanties

Staying the night in the most beautiful Dutch nature

Buitenleven Vakanties is an initiative of the three nature organisations in the Netherlands: De Provinciale landschappen, Natuurmonumenten and Staatsbosbeheer. An important reason to offer holiday homes is to let people experience nature up close, but also to maintain the, often special, buildings this way. From special farms to a stately villa, there is a dream location for everyone. They have one thing in common, they are all located at unique places in nature. Enjoying nature during the day, while walking or cycling, in the evening with a glass of wine near the wood fire. With us you find the offer of holiday homes in the most beautiful Dutch nature.


Buitenleven Vakanties is ISO certified since the beginning of 2016.

Landschappen NL

The partnership De Provinciale Landschappen represents the interests of the twelve Provinciale Landschappen at national level. Together we have more influence on the government policy and we can defend the interests of nature and landscape better. Therefore, the partnership De Provinciale Landschappen was established in 1989. The separate organisations are however autonomous and responsible for the management of their nature resort. Provincial interest representation and communication with the followers are also tasks of the individual Landschappen.


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Natuurmonumenten is the movement of people who love nature. They want to touch the heart of people, young and old, and share the fascination of nature with and via our followers, to activate people to experience something amazing outside in nature.


Natuurmonumenten does this because nature is a source of inspiration and amazement. We must cherish this and take good care of this. Because in a densely populated country, nature is more vulnerable. Therefore, Natuurmonumenten protects nature resorts, valuable landscapes and cultural heritage. Everywhere in the Netherlands. For everyone. We secure this nature till eternity by buying nature, by managing it and making is accessible for everyone. We do this with the support of friends, volunteers, members and companies.


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Nature to which you feel connected. That is where Staatsbosbeheer is committed to. The Netherlands where we cherish nature and landscape, but where there is also room for experience and utility. It is in our nature. Staatsbosbeheer prepares itself, under the denominator ‘protect, experience and utilise’ for the future, in which it wants to involve people with nature that touches them. A future where the public financing of the management of nature, landscape and recreation is no longer self-evident and will reduce. From now on the work of Staatsbosbeheer must partly be financed by own activities. To finance green ambitions in the area of youth, recreations, target groups with special needs and supervision, Staatsbosbeheer becomes a social entrepreneur. Not to achieve the highest possible turnover but to make meaningful activities possible with profitable business.


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