From a special farmhouse to a majestic mansion and castle
For anyone looking for unique experiences in unspoiled Dutch nature

Buitenleven Vakanties

At Buitenleven Vakanties, we offer unique holiday homes, because we believe it’s important to be able to enjoy nature in your own way. And there are many ways to enjoy nature. If you want to sleep in the forest, the forester's house will best suit your needs. Are you looking to take a break for a few days to relax and unwind? We know exactly where you can go for the most wonderful bird song and stunning views. If you are looking for a majestic property for a family holiday, we will be happy to help you find a country house or a fairy-tale-like castle. Or if you are looking for a place for hiking and cycling and spotting animals along the way, we know the ideal holiday home with the most beautiful routes to explore.


What is so special about us, is that by spending your holiday with us, you are preserving both nature and the holiday home. It' s a win-win situation. This is how Buitenleven Vakanties originated: as an initiative of the largest Dutch nature organisations. These are LandschappenNL (“Landscape Preservation”), Natuurmonumenten (“National Trust”) and Staatsbosbeheer (“Forestry Comission”). Would you like to book a holiday with us? You will be guaranteed a good dose of nature.


We work continuously on doing things properly. We are ISO 9000-1 certified, transparent and easy for you and for us.


The main three nature organisations are the driving force behind Buitenleven Vakanties:

Landschappen NL

This is a partnership between all the provincial landscapes. It looks after the interests of the twelve provincial landscapes on a national level. Together they have more influence on government policy and are better able to defend the interests of nature and landscape. Would you like to know more about Landschappen NL? Go to:


This organisation is the right movement of people with a concern for nature. It wants to inspire people, young and old, and share a fascination for nature. In addition, the organisation wants to encourage people to experience the outdoors. Would you like to know more about Natuurmonumenten? Go to:



Connecting with nature. That's what this nature organisation stands for. For a country where everyone cherishes nature and landscape, and with room for discovery and enjoyment. Would you like to know more about Staatsbosbeheer? Go to: