Be surprised by the beauty of nature


No plans yet for this summer? Why not take a holiday in your own country? The Netherlands can be surprisingly beautiful. We offer the loveliest places across the Netherlands, both in the middle of nature as with nature just around the corner. For example, at the Veluwe, here you can find the lovely farm Waskolk, in the middle of the forest of dancing trees. Or one of the cosy peat cutters homes in the Weerribben, for example Tjasker.

1 Found type of accommodation
Gelderland Drift-sand, forests, heathlands, sheep herds, and soft-flowing streams

Suite Freule Clara

4 pers.


You do not have to drive far for a fantastic holiday. The Netherlands has plenty to offer for everyone. The many, alternating landscapes make the Netherlands a very rich country. Breath the fresh forest air, cycle with full cycle bags to the ideal picnic spot, observe wild animals from behind the wild screen or during an exciting excursion and experience nature at first hand.


We offer beautiful homes in the middle of nature throughout the Netherlands. For example, the sloping country of  Limburg, where you almost believe to be abroad. Or the coast area, with hopefully great weather. Also the forests of the  Veluwe or the Drentse Hondsrug, where you can come face to face with the wild animals that live there.


Apart from the landscapes the homes are also diverse, with the renovation much attention is given to the history and nature of the building. But always with the comfort that you are used to. For example, the stately Estate Den Alerdinck, a manor situated near Zwolle. Of the historic building Huis te Hansouwe near Groningen, just in the province of Drenthe.


In other words, plenty of diversity in the Netherlands and the diversity of our offer ensures that the perfect holiday spot in nature can be found for everyone.