Conditions cancellation insurance

Article 1: General

  1. We recommend you to always take out the cancellation insurance in combination with your booking. Taking out the cancellation insurance is only possible if you agree to this directly with the booking.
  2. The premium is 5% of the net rental sum and is inclusive assurance tax.
  3. In case of cancellation due to an event mentioned below the cancellation insurance entitles you to restitution of the (part) amount received by Buitenleven Vakanties B.V. conform the booking confirmation, under deduction of the premium of the cancellation insurance and the administration costs.
  4. The cancellation insurance is valid from the date of the booking conform the booking confirmation and ends on the date of departure conform the booking confirmation.
  5. The cover starts after receipt of the payment of the cancellation insurance premium.
  6. Payment is awarded for booked days that are not used due to a circumstance as mentioned in Articles 2.1 up to 2.6. The payment is calculated based on the rental sum in proportion to the number of booked days that are not used compared to the total number of booked days.


Article 2: Cancellation cover

Payment is awarded for cancellation costs due to an uncertain event as mentioned in the points below:

  1. Death, serious illness or serious accident/injury of the hirer or his/her family members in the 1st or 2nd degree. <spouse, parents (in law) and/or foster parents, (foster or step) children, brothers, brothers in law, sisters (in law), grandparents and grandchildren.>
  2. Death of a pet within 14 days before the start of the trip, only includes a dog, cat or horse of the insured.
  3. Complications with pregnancy of the hirer or the partner living with him.
  4. A medical emergency operation that the hirer, his partner or a child living with him must undergo.
  5. Material damage (damage to items/tangible objects) to property of the hirer or the company where he works, whereby his presence is urgently required.
  6. Final failure of the marriage of the hirer, whereby a divorce procedure has been initiated. The final failure of the marriage is equal to dissolution of a notarial recorded co-habitation contract.


No payment is awarded if the participant:

  1. Provides an untruthful reason and/or gives an incorrect statement of events.


Article 3: Obligations in case of cancellation

  1. The hirer is obliged to report an event, whereby the stay is cancelled, to Buitenleven Vakanties in writing or per mail as soon as possible but no later than 3 working days, address: Binnensingel 3, 7411 PL in Deventer.
  2. When submitting the cancellation request the hirer must prove the circumstances that lead to the request (if possible via original documents of proof).