Be a guest at Staatsbosbeheer, Natuurmonumenten and Landschappen NL


Dutch nature is very diverse. Forests, heathlands, small fens, beach, dunes, etc. But there is also much diversity in animals: many species of butterflies, dragonflies, birds, foxes, deer, horses, beavers and so on.


For example, the Veluwe. A beautiful and diverse nature resort in the middle of the country, not far from the main cities. Ideal to spend a short or long holiday. For example, stay on the heathland near Radio Kootwijk. Or be surprised by the Kootwijkerzand or the dancing tress at Ermelo. Would you like to read more about nature on the Veluwe and the management thereof? Check out the website of Staatsbosbeheer or Natuurmonumenten.


Maybe less known to the larger public is the nature of Drenthe. Incredible beautiful and very surprising. The Hondsrug, near Assen, offers all freedom to explore by foot, by bike or by horse. Meandering streams, a forest full of fens; Drenthe has it all. More information about nature in Drenthe? The Drentse Landschap or the forest guards of Staatsbosbeheer can tell you more about his.


Another special area is the Springendal, in the east of the country. Once enriched by textile bosses who had their holiday property here. Sloping, little streams and still really dark during the night. In this area you can find several holiday homes.

For example: Wildpieker or Meerbekke.


The Dutch coastline. From north to south, each piece is unique in its kind. For example, the Schoorlse dunes. A production forest was once planted in the dunes. Now this provides a special transition from inland to the beach. Or the island Tiengemeten, in the middle of the Haringvliet. Here there are 3 holiday homes that you can rent. Want to know more about this area? Check out the site of Natuurmonumenten.


Finally, we like to mention the special Leudal. Not just the flora and fauna are really worth a visit but also the history is special. The area is managed by Staatsbosbeheer and there are 3 holiday homes that you can rent: UrsulahofLeuhof and Kloosterhof.


Be surprised by the beautiful Netherlands!