General conditions Buitenleven Vakanties

Article 1: General

  1. These General Conditions apply on all offers, arrangements, bookings and agreements related to all holiday homes that are rented out by Buitenleven Vakanties B.V.
  2. The following is meant in these General Conditions:
    1. letter: Buitenleven Vakanties B.V.
    2. hirer: the person who concludes an agreement with Buitenleven Vakanties B.V. regarding the rent/use of a holiday home.
    3. guests: the hirer and the persons specified by the hirer who (will) use the holiday home rented by the hirer.
    4. visitors: people who visit the holiday home with the approval of the hirer but who do not stay the night.
  3. The booking details of the customer will be used for the performance of the agreement, but can also be used for marketing purposes of Buitenleven Vakanties B.V., Natuurmonumenten, Staatsbosbeheer en de 12Landschappen.
  4. Agreements deviating from these General Conditions are only valid if agreed in writing.

Buitenleven Vakanties B.V. reserves the right to adjust these General Conditions at all times. Hereby the rights and liabilities of the customer are considered in an appropriate manner.

Article 2: Rights and obligations letter

  1. Letter is only bound to the rental agreement after receipt of the deposit.
  2. Letter is obliged to provide the holiday home to the hirer at the agreed time in a clean and good condition.
  3. Letter may view the holiday home at any reasonable time.
  4. Letter is not liable for: damage or injury caused as a result of the stay at his premises or due to the use of the facilities present on his premises; damage claims arising from disturbance cause by third parties; information provided verbally or per phone; facilities or provisions that are disabled or out of use. All this without prejudice to mandatory legal provisions.
  5. Letter is not liable for theft of or damage to the belongings of hirer.
  6. Letter has the right to dissolve the booking without notice of default or legal intervention;
    1. if the letter has not received the full rental sum at the start of the rental period.
    2. if the hirer has not complied with his obligations as recorded in these conditions.


Article 3: Rights and obligations hirer

  1. An agreement between hirer and letter is concluded at the moment that the letter has confirmed the booking to the hirer.
  2. Hirer is considered to have accepted the rented property with the present inventory without damage, unless he has made a reclamation to the letter on the day of arrival.
  3. Hirer may not hand over the use of the holiday home to third parties, neither have more people staying the night than agreed with the booking, unless with written approval of the letter.
  4. Hirer will only use the rented property as holiday accommodation and in particularly may not perform a profession of company therein.
  5. Hirer will occupy the holiday home in a neat and clean manner whereby he commits himself to immediately report and compensate all damages to the holiday home, the upholstery, the inventory or otherwise caused by his actions or negligence. This also applies for any missing parts of the rented property, the upholstery or the inventory.
  6. Hirer will ensure not to cause disturbance to the vulnerable nature resorts. This means: not applying decorations or placing (party) tents without the prior approval of the letter – outside sound equipment cannot be heard from more than 20 metres from the home – Visits during the day and the evening may not lead to more than double occupation.
  7. Hirer will ensure that the home is given back in a tidy and ‘broom clean’ condition (dishes clean in the dishwasher or tidied away in the cupboard; furniture on its original place; floor broom clean; garbage bag in waste container). If he fails to do so, the hirer will receive notice of this within one week. The actual additional costs for tidying and cleaning and the administration costs will be charged with a minimum amount of € 50.
  8. Hirer may take maximum two pets there where it is allowed to take pets. Hirer must notify this when making the booking. In relation to extra cleaning costs the letter charges a surcharge per booking (see the rental overview). The hirer is not allowed to use the furniture (sofa, beds and such) as sleeping place for his pet. Dogs must be kept on the lead in the premises, unless that is explicitly indicated differently at the location.
  9. Hirer may drive across the premises that are closed off for motorised traffic with a car or motor, when these are included in the directions to and from the holiday home. For the other the indicated bans and instructions obviously apply. When more cars than allowed must drive through the closed off area, agreements must be made beforehand.
  10. Hirer ensures that the house rules displayed in the home are observed.
  11. Hirer ensures to comply with all obligations that arise from the booking and the stay, both by hirer, other guests as possible visitors. Hirer is therefore liable for caused damage and disturbance.
  12. Hirer can access the home after 16.00 hours on the day of arrival and will leave the home before 10.00 hours on the day of departure. With departure at a later time than stipulated on the accommodation ticket (voucher) the Hirer must pay an additional rental amount per day.


Article 4: Complaints

  1. Do you have any questions and/or remarks during your stay, please contact Buitenleven Vakanties B.V. by phone on 088-2848365 or via the emergency phone (this telephone number is mentioned in the letter with the access code) Buitenleven Vakanties B.V. will then be able to organise a suitable solution. If you are not satisfied about the performance provided by Buitenleven Vakanties B.V. you can submit your questions and/or remarks in writing to Buitenleven Vakanties B.V. no later than 14 days after departure from the home, address: Binnensingel 3, 7411 PL in Deventer.


Article 5: Payment conditions

  1. For bookings whereby the booking date is at least 70 days before the day of arrival, a deposit applies of 30% of the rental sum increased with the booking costs and the premium of the cancellation insurance, if taken out. This amount must be paid within 14 days after the booking is made.

The remaining amount must be paid 28 days before the day of arrival.

  1. For bookings whereby the booking date is between 70 and 42 days before the day of arrival, the full amount must be paid within 14 days after the booking is made.
  2. For bookings whereby the booking days is within 42 days of date of arrival, the full amount must be paid immediately.
  3. In case of failure to make the payment conform the aforementioned the letter may deny the hirer access to the holiday home.


Article 6: Adjustment conditions

  1. If the hirer wants to make additional bookings on an existing booking (for example, towel package) or wants to extend the duration of the stay, the letter will not charge adjustment costs for this.
  2. If the hirer, for whatever reason, wants to adjust the holiday home or period of an existing booking the letter will charge adjustment costs for this.

These adjustment costs are:

  • With adjustments more than two months before date of arrival: 1 x extra administration costs of EUR 30.-;
  • With adjustments between two and one month before date of arrival: 20% of the initially agreed price;
  • With adjustments within one month before date of arrival: 100% of the initial agreed price;


Article 7: Cancellation conditions

  1. If the hirer for whatever reason proceeds to cancel the concluded rental agreement and explicitly does not use the cancellation insurance, he will pay a damage compensation to the This damage compensation is: - With cancellation more than one month before the date of arrival: 30% of the initially agreed price; - With cancellation within one month before date of arrival: 100% of the initially agreed price;
  2. Letter recommends the hirer to take out the cancellation insurance, whereby the aforementioned cancellation costs are paid when cancellation takes place as a result of a number of stipulated uncertain events. (see conditions cancellation insurance).