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1. Who is Buitenleven Vakanties?

Buitenleven Vakanties is a collaboration of the three nature protection organisations, Staatsbosbeheer, Natuurmonumenten and de12Landschappen. By order of these three parties we rent out these unique situated holiday homes.

2. May I bring my pets?

In the homes where pets are allowed, you may bring maximum two pets. For the rules read the General Conditions of Buitenleven Vakanties. When bringing pets, the following surcharges apply:

€ 35.- for the first pet
€ 15.- for extra pet

3. What are the arrival and departure times?

You rent the home for a week:

Arrival: Friday/monday from 16.00 hours Departure: Friday/monday before 10.00 hours


You rent the home for a weekend:

Arrival: Friday from 16.00 hours Departure: Monday before 10.00 hours


You rent the home for a midweek:

Arrival: Monday from 16.00 hours Departure: Friday before 10.00 hours

You are free to arrive later or depart sooner. The access code send to you gives access to the rented home. This code is unique and can only be used during your rental period. The validity of the code will expire soon after the mentioned departure time. In relation with the final cleaning and performing small maintenance we urgently request you to observe the aforementioned times.

4. How do I get access to my holiday home?

About 10 days before arrival in the holiday home you will receive from us an access code. You can use this on the day of the rental from 16.00 hours till the days of departure till 10.00 hours. So, you do not have to collect a key and you are free to arrive later or depart sooner.


The access code is unique and can only be used during your rental period. The validity of the access code will expire soon after the mentioned departure time.

5. Where can I find the general conditions of Buitenleven Vakanties?

The general conditions of Buitenleven Vakanties will be send to you after the booking. You can also find the general conditions on our website.

6. My question has not been answered yet. Where can I get more information?

You can send an email to: or you can contact us per phone on working days during office hours (9.00-17.00 hours) on telephone number: 088-2848365.

7. I have a complaint, how can I deal with this?

If you unexpectedly have any complaints about your stay please contact us directly.


We strive to solve these as soon as possible (preferable already during your stay). Please contact us per phone for this on 088-2848365 (during office hours; Monday till Friday from 9.00-17.00 hours) or call us outside office hours on the emergency number that you can find in the home (no text messages).


Do you have any complaints about the service provision or about your stay? Please inform us about this in writing (per post or e-mail). We will then deal with this.

8. How do I make a booking?

You can very simply book a holiday home via the website. But if you prefer to have telephone contact with one of our employees you can contact them during office hours on 088-284 8365 (Monday till Friday between 09.00 hours and 17.00 hours).

9. Do the prices on the website apply for the coming years?

Yes. For each available period the applicable price is listed. (Subject to typing errors)

10. Can I rent the homes for a weekend and/or midweek?

All year round the homes can be booked for a week, midweek or weekend. During the summer holidays (primary school) and the Christmas and New Year’s week the homes are only rented out for a week. Weekend and/or midweek is not possible then.

11. Do I receive a confirmation of my online booking?

Yes, immediately after completion of you booking you will receive an automated confirmation mail of your booking. This is not yet the final confirmation. You will receive this per mail within 2 working days. In this mail you will also find the payment conditions.

12. What are the administration costs?

The administration costs are € 30.- per booking.

13. Do I receive discount on a home when I book for more than one week?

Yes, you will receive the following discount when you book for more than one week: 2nd till 4th week, €60.- discount per week.

14. Can I also book towels and kitchen towels?

Yes, you can book towels and kitchen towels. A towel package costs € 6.-. A kitchen towel package costs € 4.-.


A towel package included 1 bath towel, 2 towels and 2 washing clothes and bath mat. The number of bath mats matches the number of booked towel packages and present bath and shower rooms:


When booking 1 up to 5 towel packages per week: 1 bath mat per wet room.

With 6 or more towel packages per week: 2 bath mats per wet room.


A kitchen towel package includes: 2 kitchen towels, 1 guest towel and 1 tea towel.

If you stay in a home for more than one week, extra bedding is provided for you in the home.

15. Can I also book extra bedding?

Yes, you can order extra bedding. An extra set of bedding costs € 12.50.

When arriving in the home all beds are already made. Plus, for guests who have booked for more than 7 days, a free extra set of bedding is provided per guest per week. (free bedding multi-weeks stay).


16. What is included in the price?
    • Bedding (we request you to bring the bedding for the baby cot yourself);

    • Fire wood for the wood fire*;

    • Service packages with washing up brush, abrasive and sponge, dish clothes, dishwasher detergent/washing up liquid, garbage bag, tea lights, matches;

    • Electricity, gas and water.

    • Final cleaning (leave behind broom clean)

    • VAT

      * If wood fire is present.

Where there is sufficient space, an extra cot can be placed. Possibly, you can also bring you own camping bed. If you want to know if there is sufficient space for this you can contact the customer contract centre.

17. Which additional costs must I consider?

Mentioned prices are exclusive:


  • Administration costs;

  • Cancellation insurance (inquire about the possibilities);

  • Tourist tax;

  • Pet surcharge;


  • Towel and kitchen towel packages to be booked separately.

18. How much is the tourist tax and how is this calculated?

In most councils in the Netherlands tourist tax must be paid. This is a general tax for guests who stay the night in a council where they are not registered. The amount of tourist tax varies per council and is charged 1-on-1 by Buitenleven Vakanties. This is determined based on the number of specified persons. As guest in our home, you yourself are responsible that we have entered the correct number of people in our system. When you do not stay with the same number of people for the full duration, we will correct the toeristtax.


For example

Toeristtax is E1,-

7 day's with 2 persons, 3 days 4 visitors:

Toeristtax 6 p. x 7 n. x E 1,- = E 42

Toeristtax correction: 4 p x 4 n x E1,- = E -16.


This has no consequences for your stay (for example, all beds will still be made).

19. Within which period must I pay?

With bookings that are more than 70 days in advance we request a deposit of 30% of the total rental sum. If you book within 70 days you must pay the total amount at once.

20. Can I also receive a vat invoice?

Our customers also include many company who rent our homes for business purposes. Therefore, they would like to receive a vat invoice. We invoice based on departure date, after the service is provided. When you indicate to us that you book our homes for business use, we will automatically send you a vat invoice after you have returned. You can mail this request to  

21. Are there any costs involved when adjusting a made booking?

Yes, this involves costs:

  • Adjustments more than 2 months before arrival: 1x extra administration costs (E 30.-)
  • Adjustments between 2nd and 1st month before arrival: 20% of the original booking.
  • Cancellation within one month before arrival: 100% of the original booking.


You can insure yourself for this via the cancellation insurance.

22. Can I insure myself for cancellation?

Yes, you can use the cancellation insurance via Buitenleven Vakanties. You can indicate this during your booking or inform us no later than seven days after date of booking (please contact us for this on 088-2848365). Click here for more detailed information about the cancellation insurance.

23. Can I save for discount?

From 1 January 2016 we use a new saving system. To qualify for a discount you must have met two conditions:


  1. In the past you have at least stayed 5 times in a holiday home of Buitenleven Vakanties.
  2. Your previous stay in a holiday home is less than 2 calendar years ago.

If you meet these 2 conditions you will receive an immediate discount of 5% on the nett rental sum (in other words: “bare” rental sum) for any new booking. So, on the 6th, 7th, 8th etc. booking a discount applies on the rental sum. The discount is awarded automatically. The only thing that is important is that you have stayed at least once in a home every two years.

24. Must I clean the home myself?

Buitenleven Vakanties takes care of the final cleaning. However, you must leave the home tidy (please remove the bedding from the used beds) and leave the home ‘broom clean’ and put the furniture on the original place.

25. Is there a phone in the home?

All homes have a phone. The rental price includes call charges up to a maximum € 8.- per week. Higher call charges will be charged to you and increased with € 13.- administration costs.

26. Are there shops nearby?

The homes are situated in and nearby a nature resort. So, in most cases the shops are not within walking distance.

27. Do babies count for the maximum number of people in a home?

No, babies (0-2 years) do not count for the maximal number of people in a home. Most homes have a cot. This is specified per home with the home features. If there is a cot present, you must bring your own bedding for this cot.

28. What does wheelchair-friendly mean?

We call a home wheelchair-friendly if this meets a number of points:


    • at least 1 bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor

    • no threshold on the ground floor (or riding ramps available in the home) and door posts that are wide enough

    • direct vicinity accessible for less abled.

A wheelchair-friendly home at Buitenleven Vakanties does not mean that the home is completely adjusted. If you want to know more and if you have any questions, please call the customer contact centre during office hours so we can help you to make an appropriate choice.

29. Is there Wi-Fi?

Almost all homes have an internet connection. In some cases, it is difficult to realise this. This is mentioned with the description of the home. As the locations are often situated in remote areas, the connection is not always very stable. Therefore, streaming films and live tv is not always possible.