18. How much is the tourist tax and how is this calculated?

In most councils in the Netherlands tourist tax must be paid. This is a general tax for guests who stay the night in a council where they are not registered. The amount of tourist tax varies per council and is charged 1-on-1 by Buitenleven Vakanties. This is determined based on the number of specified persons. As guest in our home, you yourself are responsible that we have entered the correct number of people in our system. When you do not stay with the same number of people for the full duration, we will correct the toeristtax.


For example

Toeristtax is E1,-

7 day's with 2 persons, 3 days 4 visitors:

Toeristtax 6 p. x 7 n. x E 1,- = E 42

Toeristtax correction: 4 p x 4 n x E1,- = E -16.


This has no consequences for your stay (for example, all beds will still be made).